About Tim:

I’m a wedding, fashion & portrait photographer creating imagery in the ever-changing weather of the Maritime provinces. I’ve been based in the cultural hub of Halifax, Nova Scotia since 2012.

I’m excited about lighting, capturing the emotion of my subjects as well as the fine details: the fabric of a dress, the petals of a flower, the glint in a groom’s eye. I explore the balance between the genuine glow of natural light and the impact of studio lighting.

As an extremely visual person, I construct narratives within the frame. I’m heavily inspired by the mood and expression of fashion, portrait photography, and painting. I’m kind of an analog/film geek and, using my home-based dark room, love the rich & sometimes unexpected results that film brings to the table.

I really love to share a couple’s excitement about their big day as it brings back memories of my own. Having my wedding photographed really drove home how important it is to have work that not only shows the wedding party, but their families as well and the event as a whole. I especially love catching those in-between moments: a glimpse from the bride to the groom, the groom lost in thought as he straightens his tie, a child taking in the wonder of a wedding for the first time.