Alex and Kate - Engagement Session [Halifax Wedding Photographer]

Fun, energetic, loving, goofy and adorable - all appropriate adjectives to describe how Alex and Kate make such a great couple. In the short time we spent together hiking around I got to see how much these two really care for each other.  Alex and Kate get married next year at Liscombe Lodge and I can't wait to be part of the adventure.  

Brittany Webber Steams at Crystal Crescent Beach [Halifax Fashion Photographer]

Chasing light can be very challenging, especially with the kind of dramatic weather we are used to experiencing on the east coast.  Sometimes things are beautiful, dreamlike and peaceful, and other times we have torrents of wind and rain with incredibly powerful thunderstorms.  Of course, we get everything in between.  

In this shoot with Brittany Webber we got lucky with the late afternoon sun peeking over the hillsides surrounding Crystal Crescent.  The energy from the sun and the stunning scenery made this shoot into something special, without the need for a lot of heavy equipment.  That warmth was well needed, this shoot took place in late September (long after the beach season should have ended in Nova Scotia) when the evening temperatures sink below 10-15 degrees Celsius.  

As the sun set over the hills we took advantage of the infamous blue hour light to create some more images with a softer and cooler look.  We didn't last long however - the chill in the air was a bit much after a few minutes without the sun's warm rays. On the walk back to the cars we agreed that it was worth it - the images speak for themselves....

Chris and Kelsey - Halifax Wedding Photographer

Chris and Kelsey's wedding was an absolutely gorgeous affair in the beautiful countryside outside Fredericton, NB.   Sean went with the boys, I went with the girls, as per our usual arrangement.  Kelsey and I hit it off while we chatted in the salon, talking about careers, life, and of course, their upcoming honeymoon to Greece.  Sean took some photos of the guys playing guitar in the bathtub, while getting ready.  Soon we all reconvened for their first look and the family photos.  The sun beat down on us all during the ceremony at the beautiful pavilion at the Hazen Park Center in Oromoncto, and Kelsey blew everyone away when she walked down the aisle.  

Then there were toasts, tears and treasures being passed around, and before we knew it everyone was tearing it up on the dance floor.  We managed to sneak away briefly to get some gorgeous moments on camera down by the riverside, where things were quieter, where every moment counted. 

Our biggest goal for this wedding (and all future weddings) was to get closer.  What I didn't realize going into that thought process was that it was going to help me make a couple of new friends in Chris and Kelsey, two of the most amazing, easy-going people we've had the pleasure of photographing on their wedding day.