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A brief introduction to Automotive Photography

It’s no secret, I love cars:  old cars, new cars, but specifically, cars with character.  When I spotted a bunch of flashy looking vehicles parked at a local high school parking lot, I grabbed the camera and explored.  What I discovered, completely unbeknownst until last Wednesday, was that Fredericton has a weekly car show complete with old, new and refurbished vehicles.  The things that you learn after living somewhere long enough right?

I made an effort to not use HDR in the photos that I took over the course of the event, but I also was sure to bracket everything in the event that I just couldn’t help myself.  What I really need to do automotive photos the right way, is a graduated Neutral Density filter.  I would be able to darken the sky, while exposing properly for the car, exactly my intentions when I use the HDR Method. 

I couldn't resist the HDR treatment on this '69 Mustang.  The sky really helps make the photo complete, and the wide range makes the metallic details stand out

My favorite part about automotive photography is the details.  The way the metal shines when polished, the way the rust spots add character to an otherwise simple car.  But the interiors are the place where you spend all your time.  Why is it that we consider interiors so little when we buy a car? 

When I bought my car, the interior was more of a sales point than the exterior.  I had a fantastic experience with one vehicle that drove really well. But I just couldn’t see myself sitting in that hideous interior for any more than the length of the test drive. If the exterior has character, shouldn’t the interiors as well?  Check out the blue in this old BelAir:

I would love to sit in this car, preferably on a lonely road in southwestern USA, surrounded by desert.  

Or, have a look at the interior of these mustangs:

I did my best to give these photos an 'aged' treatment without overdoing it.  The bottom one looks slightly film-esque.

I'm really digging the old style looks in these cars. makes me want to do some more automotive photography, or at least some more driving!

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