Location Scouting

Odell Park is a great spot for some nice lighting and wonderful scenery.  Jess was quite patient with me while I got her to try a few poses and framing options.

...From last time!

One of the things I learned from the firefighter shoot, besides not liking the fluorescent lights, is that I need to spend a bit more time scouting locations for photos.  When I start doing some serious work with models I'll need to have a small inventory of places that work really well for certain types of photos.  I don't just learn by making mistakes, however.  I have to make the conscious effort to correct them or I'll repeat them.   

Jess and I love spending time together, and I hadn't really gotten outside much throughout the day, so I suggested we go to the park for a bit, in hopes of taking some photos of...well, anything frankly.  I didn't have a 365 entry yet and needed to do some scouting.  What I found were the following places:

I really like the railing in the background, good for leading lines. 

This was an experiment in texture contrasts. I tried to make Jess stand out against the harshness of the Elm bark and the soft bokeh of the trees in the background.

The geometry of these steps and the way the light was falling in the perfect spot made this photo work.  Jess has a great smile too!
These locations are all excellent spots for a fashion shoot.  I've got some other locations that I'd like to work in around the Fredericton area so I'll have to scout them out too!

Thanks for reading, more tk...