My Big Fat Introduction!

Enter the Blogosphere

So I'm very new to the whole blogging idea, but given that I'm a hobbyist photographer I decided it was time to start putting some of my images on the net and some stories to go along with them.  In addition, this blog will likely serve as my hub for information, kudos and links from other photographers, musicians and tech news sites.  Basically, I plan to post whatever I'm working on or whatever I feel is newsworthy or important to me.  Isn't this what blogging is all about?

My photography has taken on a life of its own in a way that I've never even thought possible.  I am currently just halfway through my 365 day project wherein I snap a different photo each day and post them online.  I've fallen behind a bit, but it could only be expected given that school and graduating school got slightly in the way.  

1/365 - Hands

The experience of taking a photo a day has taught me some very important lessons about photography:

1 - Less is more: 
The fact is, as a photographer it's more about what you don't include in the image than what you do include. I know I know, this sounds very...jazz-headed ('you gotta listen for the notes that he doesn't play, man') but it's very true. Photography is the art of excluding things and drawing the eye to the point of the image. 

2 - To improve, you have to experiment: 
Wow is there ever a lesson here.  Most photographers refer to this as 'working the scene'.  A lot of people think being professional means walking up, looking at something, whipping out the camera, snapping a photo and then moving on.  That's what tourists do. 

Sometimes you get the image in the first 10 frames you shoot, and everything after that is wasted card-space.  This happens to me quite frequently, but when it doesn't, I don't just cash in my chips and leave things the way they are.  I keep working it, because I knew there was something there that made me look twice and damnit, I'm going to find it.

3 - Taking a photo a day is like having a lesson a day: 
I really couldn't post everything I've learned throughout the course of this project.  what I can do, however, is showcase the advancements I've made over taking photography 'seriously' for only half a year.  The photo above is the first shot I made when starting the 365 day project.  Below are some of the images that I've created very recently. 
195/365 - Softbox Self portrait
153/365 - Busy City

184/365 - Motorcycle Portrait
4 - You don't need great gear to make great images: 
This is a tough one to swallow.  Everyday, the internet, TV and email oversaturate your brain with the idea that if you got the next greatest piece of gear for x project, it'll be even better than before.  I agree with one thing: You need the right tools for the job.  What I've come to realize in the course of this project is that the right tools for the job sometimes are already in your hands.  

Having a great camera is ...well great.  But being capable of using it is so much more important.  I've done this entire project with a Canon T2i and some cheap lighting gear (two flashes and a couple softboxes, some of which I made myself).  I didn't even have really good glass until recently, and used the kit 18-55mm lens for a lot of projects.  

The thing is, the technical image quality really doesn't matter as much as the compositional and lighting quality.  You can correct a lot of things in post, including lens distortion and chromatic aberration.   

Hopefully this post hasn't fallen on deaf ears.  If you have some comments  you'd like to add, feel free. I'm always welcoming of helpful tips and questions!  Have a look over my portfolio if you get a chance! 

Now, taking a page from Joe McNally's Blog:  More tk....