Artistic in Halifax

A photo-walk by the sea       

I’ve been to the boardwalk in Halifax several times in the last few years, and each time I always come back with images that appear very similar.  There’s lots of water, lots of ships and boats, and of course, the boardwalk itself.  I did get a few the last time I was downtown when I witnessed a great sunset that silhouetted the pair of towers outlining the city’s skyline.  I was happy with that shot, but few others from that trip.

So when Jess and I went to the boardwalk in the evening I set out to take some images that were less about grandscapes (a new word I just invented meaning “grand landscapes”) and focused some more on details.  Things like signs, geometry and stuff that was catching my eye for one reason or another.  The trick was that I gave each image some thought before walking up and taking it.  

I thought a lot about depth of field, geometry, motion and graphics.  I hope the images below convey these thoughts and even evoke something more than “cool shot”.  That’s my hope.

One more thing: I continued this approach on Sunday morning.  After waking up far too early, I peeked out the window and saw the sun was just coming out.  I figured I should take a drive and get my photo of the day finished up early.  What a payoff!  In addition to the final image in this set, I got a wonderful panoramic of the fog covering up the bridges such that you just see them peeking over the top.  

Cheers, More tk…