Canada Day Wrap-up

Fredericton's Fireworks, Free shows and Family Fun!

The downtown of Fredericton is normally bustling on Canada day, and this year was certainly no exception.  I would hazard a guess that it was a record turnout and I can't remember ever seeing people standing up to see a band in Officer's square.  Usually, you can park a lawn chair just about anyplace in the park and get a great view.  The band everyone wanted to see was Joel Plaskett, a maritimer and fantastic performer with some great music.  This meant photo ops!

I got to make use of my new neutral density gradient filters as well, allowing me to capture a properly exposed sky in this shot

All the bands that played were really good this year, and not overly loud as past experiences would dictate.  The best part is that where the stage is wide open, you can line up photos from just about anywhere!

She Roars! put on a great show

Joel Plaskett played right before the fireworks were due to go off.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and the weather was incredible. 

Joel really knows how to work a crowd!

The view from the top of the University's engineering building proved a good view, but difficult to frame.  The display was disappointingly short, if only for the photo ops.

Of course, what Canada day would be complete without fireworks?  This year, rather than trying to fight the crowd and get downtown shots like everyone else would have, I opted to find a rooftop and shot from there.  The photos weren't quite as good as I'd hoped but I have next year to get some more impressive shots that include some more landscape and people.

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