Some of the coolest photographers I know

Alright, enough about me.  I've been yammering on about my own photos for nine posts and should really make a whole post dedicated to the people and their works that make me want to go take photographs. In fact, I'll likely do a weekly entry featuring some works that really rock.

Joe McNally took this with one light.  He's really got an eye for fantastic people.
First up is Joe McNally.  Man, this guy is just a monster photographer.  I've got two of his books and would love a copy of the third.  Sketching Light and The Hot Shoe Diaries are amazing works of photography and storytelling, in addition to being incredibly insightful. I find myself reading these books for ideas, concepts and technique.  I can literally go back to these books time and time again and find something new.

Joe shoots for National Geographic and has done some of the best works I've seen.  In The Hot Shoe Diaries is a story Joe did for Geographic about a 11 year old girl undergoing brain surgery.  The photos are incredibly moving, and tell a story that warms the heart.  I love this about Joe, that he's able to keep a narrative going with photographs and text, in such a way that you want to keep reading.  I also appreciate his sense of humor.  Check out his blog and you'll get it.

I also can't get too far without mentioning Scott Kelby.

Scott took this quite recently, in addition to many other great photographs in Cuba and combined them into a book called Connecting with Cuba. I definitely want to get my hands on a copy!

Scott has written a vast amount of books that explain so much about photography in such a simple, easy-to-read way.  In fact, his book The Digital Photography Book is the best selling photography how-to book of all time.  It's so good he wrote three sequels! 

I'd argue that Scott Kelby is the hardest working guy in photography today.  He's organized and taught Kelby Training courses online (and live), written loads of books on Photoshop, and put together a bunch of nationwide photoshop conferences.  Just recently, he even did a Google Plus conference which went over staggeringly well.  Check this guy out if you're serious about learning photography, lighting, and of course, photoshop.

Finally, I'd like to draw attention to Jeremy Cowart, a fantastic photographer, exceptional blogger and graphic designer.

This image was taken as a part of this photoshoot, a brilliant mixture of film and digital works.
Jeremy impresses me with almost every work.  I don't always get it either, as his graphic designer side comes out in a lot of his photos.  This is a great inspiration for me though: it pushes me out of my comfort zone of composition and opens my eyes to new ideas and possibilities.

I have many more inspirations to discuss but this is enough for now. In fact, I could probably do a separate blogpost for all three of these photographers, but I just haven't got time today. In addition,  I already have plans to make a post showcasing some local people that I admire.  

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