Jumping on the Bed

How I got this shot:

 I wanted to find a way to express how happy I was to get the shot Strawberry Splash on the cover of the UK Magazine Digital Photo.  I'd seen this sort of shot done before and wanted to try it and I wanted to include the magazine in the shot as well.

Starting off, I knew I'd have to use flashes to light the room.  I pulled out my trusty 480EXII's and went to work with some trial photos.  I wound up using the whole wall as one big softbox, splashing two flashes off of the door and wall to generate a nice even light.

Why two flashes and not one?  The fact is that I could just use one flash, but it would provide a few limitations.  I needed a deep f-stop, (around f9.0), and a quick shutter speed (1/200).  At ISO200, proper exposure required one flash running at 1/2 power.  That's certainly usable, but I'd only be able to fire two shots in a row before I'd run out of battery power and the image would go black.

Beside the bed, flashing the wall, two flashes, each running at 1/4 power.  One flash is pointed straight upward, the other at the white door.
Rather than using one flash at 1/2 power, I used two at 1/4 power.  This would give me 4 photos before my flashes died out and allowed me much more flexibility in choosing the right images.  I set the camera up on a tripod, selected the delayed timer shooting mode (10 seconds, 4 images) and pretended I was two years old again!

If it's been a while since you last jumped on the bed, it might be time to try it again!

Cool, light looked pretty good, angle not too bad, now I needed the magazine!

This one works, but since you can't see my legs it looks extraordinarily fake.  It's not though.
After performing a few jumps and getting the timing down, I found that the magazine would look better on the left side of the frame.  A couple attempts in the center and on the right showed that I was hiding either the cover of the magazine or my face, neither very desirable.  Below is a sequence of shots illustrating the motions:

I wound up liking the image in the middle the best and kept that one, but you can clearly see how far down into the bed I sank in the last frame.  

Some things I would do differently now:

I think the frame works, and now I'd use a softbox directly on myself on one side and use a single flash off the ceiling for the other light.  This would eliminate that shadow you see in the back right corner of the image, caused by the bare flash bulbs.   Finally, I think I'd include a cat:

Cheers, more tk...