Packing week!

The happening. 

So, this is what my bedroom looks like at the moment. Thing is, this is but a small amount of the mess that Jess and I have generated in the last few days.  I snapped this photo on monday evening, and we've now got much less in the bedroom.  In fact, a lot of the bedroom stuff has been moved to the living room, packed into some boxes.  

I haven't really had much time for photographic endeavours, but I've been trying to keep up.  Last Friday, for instance, I snapped a few photos of Jess while she painted, something she's going to school to learn more about this coming September.  With her leaving her current job and helping me out in packing and organizing the move this week, it's been much easier to cope with.

Soon, Jess will be painting full time!  I think she's pretty happy about that!
 Last night I attempted to do some glass and water abstract work to this result:

This wasn't quite what I expected, given the tutorial that I found provided much more, er, rounded results. If nothing else, I created a cool image for use as a desktop background.  

I'm going to keep up the photos to the best of my ability, but I doubt highly that there will be any blogposts on Friday this week or for that matter this weekend at all.  Hectic would probably be a mild word to describe what we'll be going through!

Cheers, more tk next week!