Playing Catch-up on the Weekend

You're supposed to relax on the weekends, right? Get some odds and ends done around the house/apartment that you haven't had time or have been too lazy to look after during the week.  My weekend was nothing like that.  In addition to doing three photography expeditions, I got groceries, framed photos, reorganized my kitchen and explored my neighbourhood some more.

As for my photo expeditions, I actually tried to gain some ground with the 365 project.  I've been slipping a little, and I'm probably two weeks behind on my project, if not a month.  In order to catch up, I need to really get moving!!

Friday night was a great expedition out to the beautiful but unfortunately named Belcher's Marsh park, within walking distance of our apartment.

In fact, during an evening stroll, the light in this marsh is absolutely awesome.  I broke out the reflector and got a couple photos of Jess (as I'm prone to doing as of late).   The best part about using the reflector is that it's easy to redirect the exact right amount of light for the scene, and it usually looks natural as it's never stronger than the existing light.  

Also, as the light was so warm and orange, I didn't have to use anything other than the silver side reflector to get this type of light.  So easy, except for the part that I had to hold the reflector up high, get the camera steady enough to shoot while composing the shot.  Yeah...easy.

As an added bonus, we saw some more ducks!  This time, they were incredibly tame, coming right up to us and allowing me to snag what was probably my favorite of the night:

Yeah, I'm goin' for a swim.  See ya!

Saturday's expedition wasn't quite so exciting, but I did happen to get a decent enough shot of a boat called the Bowdown.  I'm still fascinated by these ships, and hoping to get to know more about them and possibly get to sail a few times!

 Sunday, however was much more fruitful.  I managed to get to a beach volleyball tournament and snagged the following series:

This was an experiment for me, but I knew what to expect for results: I used an ISO of 400 for these shots, even though it was broad daylight.  I knew that it would allow me to use shutter speeds of 1/2000, something that was really helpful for freezing the action with sand and players flying everywhere.  I wound up processing all of the shots through Nik Software's Color Efex pro to give an 'edge' to the shots.

Sunday evening was spent at Dingle park, and I got some unexpected nature photography done!

So, as weekends go, it was productive.  I hope that I can maintain this level of productivity throughout the week to come and maybe nail down a portrait session or two!  

In the meantime, have a look for the magazine Digital Photo.  It should have a picture of a strawberry on the cover, as seen in my post Jumping on the Bed.  

Cheers, More tk...