Portraits: Scott and Megan

First up, sorry for not having a post mid-week, I've had family visiting all week and have been trying to entertain as well as keep up with photos.  I will do a make-up a post for the weekend.

My brother, Scott and his girlfriend Megan were visiting us for the first time in our new place and they were excited to get some new couples portraits taken. I was happy to help them out and we headed over to Point Pleasant park to find a cool place for photos.

Traffic (and my navigation skills) put us a little behind schedule and we were losing light pretty quickly.  I did a few photos with the reflector but I wasn't getting the quality of light that I needed and the sun kept diving behind clouds every once in a while, keeping me from getting a good reflected light.  It was time to bust out some flashes.

Setup shot of the lighting, complete with a voice activated lightstand, Scott!  Photo by Jess Lingley 

I did a few portraits of Megan to get my feet wet with the flash and using the Ezybox softbox I got some pretty nice results.  I took out the 50mm prime lens after getting a couple wide angle photos and dialed it in to 1.8.  I got a really beautiful focal range on Megan's face, allowing her eyes and cheeks to be in great focus, but by her ears a beautiful bokeh was forming.  I used natural light on this shot as the sun peeked back out from behind the clouds.

The Nifty Fifty is at it again, giving a really nice plane of focus at a great focal length. 

Having gotten a few really nice images of Meg, I turned my attention to getting some couples shots.  We found a really cool structure in Fort Ogilvie where I set up some really dramatic and artistic light to really focus attention on the couple.  I think it turned out okay, but after seeing the results from a bare flash head I think a beauty dish would provide even more drama while keeping the light even where it needs to be.

I processed the image through Nik Software to add some punch to it and I really like the result!  As a couples photo it does seem a little dramatic, but it's eye-grabbing!

Scott and Meg have so much fun together!

Finally, we got some really nice sunset photos after putting a warming gel on the flash.  The Ezybox was used again on this shot to really pop some warm, smooth light on Scott and Meg.  The result is a really simple, but dramatic portrait with sunset lighting the background and smooth wrapping light on the couple.

I look forward to getting these printed, I think they'll look absolutely awesome in frames!

Cheers, More tk...