Wednesday: 500px Cool Finds

I spend the bulk of my time on 500px looking at other people's work.  I find it's a great source of inspiration and fantastic works.  I really enjoy watching something go from the 'Fresh' section to the 'Upcoming' section and then finally to the 'Popular' category.  

I decided this week to showcase some of the highlights of my browsing.  Luckily, embedding photos through 500px is pretty easy so I'll be able to show loads of great works.  I might even make this a regular Wednesday copout blogpost!

My rule is that I won't post photos that have made it to the 'popular' section of 500px, rather those that I have found by looking through 'Fresh' or 'Upcoming' images.  Let me Explain: I want to showcase those works I found that deserve to be seen as much as those that have already had a tidal wave of traffic (by all means, feel free to check out the main page of 500px, just be prepared to be blown away).

The image at the top of this post is an absolute gem.  I really like the sense of space, and looking at it sends me back to my teenage years spent hiking around my hometown of Welsford, making it to the top of a mountain and just relaxing for a while.  Props to Dane Schmidt for an awesome photo!

I think what I like best about this image is the light.  There's a really great sense of warmth and comfort that I get from sunsets that look like this.  

Another beautiful work.  I'm really digging portraiture now and I've been spending time looking for images that point me in a direction that I'd like to take.  This is one of those images, with simple but elegant wrapping light, a dead simple background and a wonderfully simple colour palate.  

Finally, the odd image out, Solitude by Thomas W.  It's only the odd one since it's not a portrait, but man is it ever cool.  I don't know where this structure is, but I'd really like to get photos of it for my own portfolio!

Cheers, more tk...