Wednesday/Thursday 500px Cool Finds

So I've been a little slack with posting, but I've been getting pretty busy at work.  Frankly, this is a good thing, as the days go by much smoother when I'm working on three projects at a time.  As far as my blog goes however, it's time for my 500px Cool Finds!

I haven't uploaded a whole bunch of stuff onto 500px but I have found a few really cool users with awesome style.  Please click through to these pages and have a look for yourself.  If you're a 500px member, follow them and favorite some of their work if you feel the same way I do about it.

First, let me introduce Peter Bjerke .  Peter is probably new to 500px as at the time of this writing he has an affection rating of only 26, far less than he should!

I particularly like the way Peter uses depth of field and muted contrasts to give a style that's vintage and classy.  His lighting is bang-on as well: very dramatic and attention grabbing.  

Peter's also got a couple photos that just grab your eye and won't let go.  I'd say my personal favorite is the shot above with the deck of cards.  I didn't even know that you could get them that evenly spaced in mid-flight!!

One of the things I've been looking for in the "new" uploads of 500px each time is a great set of portraits with amazingly dramatic, contrasty lighting.  Miguel Colinet of Örebro, Sweden delivers this in his very evocative portraits containing great detail work. 

It's pretty obvious the guy knows how to control light.  I just love that harsh-yet-creamy look that he's able to put on a subject by using the right kind of light modifiers.  In addition, that spotlit backdrop is just spectacular.

The other thing that Miguel has down is the art of posing.  Have a look over his page and see what I mean.  He's got some absolutely fantastic portraits, and I can't wait for him to upload more!

I will try in the next day to get another blogpost up by tomorrow, but I've been pretty busy trying to clean up loose ends after our big move to Halifax.  If my entries are a bit more sporadic, don't worry, I'm just settling in.  I do have at least two portraits to shoot in the next two weeks, so expect to see some posts from those!

Cheers, More tk...