Happy Labour Day! What a crazy weekend!

Photowalk in Lunenburg!

I had two major shoots this weekend: I booked a model to do Trade For Print work and I went on a photowalk in Lunenburg and met some great photographers!  

The blogpost about my model shoot will be for tomorrow ;)

Below are some of the images I made on the photowalk:

For the most part, the images throughout Lunenburg were taken in natural light.  I did some mild post production on a few to make them pop, and I added some HDR images to the pile since I was bracketing almost every shot.  

About Lunenburg: this is a beautiful town.  The rolling hills, the charming houses painted in remarkably vibrant colours, and the small town square plopped right in the middle make this a really great spot.   When you walk around the town early in the morning, before all the other tourists have arrived you can meet some of the locals, some vibrant, amazing people who take the time to stop and talk to you rather than avoiding eye contact.  

This town is also the birthplace of the Bluenose, a symbol of the maritimes and part of Canada's vibrant history.  Currently, the Bluenose II sits in drydock after extensive renovations to her hull and structure.  It is expected that the schooner will be back in the water before summer's end.

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