September 17-23 - Week in Review

Apologies for having not been more active.  It's been a very busy week photography-wise and I'm still settling into the routine.  Here's a little recap of the week from Monday onward:

Monday night was pretty chill and I got downtown with the EOS 3000N (film) and snapped a few shots, hopefully something worthwhile.  I haven't finished up the roll of black and white yet but I'm looking forward to the results!

Tuesday was another film day, and I actually struggle to remember where I went for photos...

Wednesday was the Sackville Photo Club meeting!  I have volunteered to be a Mentor for the club over the coming months so I got to meet a whole pile of new people.  I wasn't entirely sure if I could volunteer for something like this at my second meeting, but I was overwhelmed with support from members!

Thursday was a rain day.  I spent the day inside trying out my beauty dish, seeing what kind of portrait I could get.  I was hoping to set up a shot that would work on film, but I never actually got out the film SLR to try it.  I was pretty disappointed when I dropped the dish off of my stand, cracking the sides...I guess I have to get some duct tape to fix it up.  Meanwhile, here's the portrait:

Friday night was really exciting.  I didn't get any photography done, but man did I ever do some networking.  The Halifax Photography Society was hosting an "Industry Night" at Shadow House Studios, an event where photographers, models, and makeup artists (MUA's) get together for mingling, networking and some general fun.  I went on a whim, with a pocket full of business cards and shook hands with everyone I could.  It was a huge blast and I was simply overwhelmed by the size of the studio space.  It's also available for rent.  I got home, exhausted from having been on my feet for 2-1/2 hours, had a well-deserved beer and chilled out for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, this happened:

I simply couldn't resist the amazing deal at Henry's photo.  The new 5D Mark III has been out for some time now, and after salivating over it and then coming to terms with a $3500 price tag (not including: warranty, taxes, new cards, batteries) I opted out.  Instead I nabbed a 5D Mark II which is more than suitable for my needs, a vast improvement over the T2i in every way and half the price of the Mark III.  

This is what I did while I waited an agonizingly long 2-1/2 hours for the battery to fully charge up:

Also, I paced back and forth...there's a track in the carpet now

The battery finally charged up, and it was dark out.  I decided to fiddle with the menu options and get the camera set up the way I figured I'd like it and try it out on Sunday.

Thankfully, everything on the menu screen seems to be in the right place and it's not a huge jump to come up from the Rebel series.  I'm going to take some getting used to the button arrangement but I'm still able to get some photos!

Sunday's little photo excursion led to a few images that i'm very happy with:

The Cast by Tim Lingley (timlingley) on

256/365 - Teach a man to fish by Tim Lingley (timlingley) on

So far, I'm loving the format!  I can't wait to get out and get some more images with this camera.  I've got about 100 days left in my 365 project (I'm about 3 weeks behind...) and now I've got 3 different cameras to use to fill it up!

On the bill for later this week includes a few walk-about photo shoots, another model photoshoot (i'm super excited!) and on the weekend I'm going to be photographing the Easter Seals Drop Zone from 1801 Hollis Street in Downtown Halifax.  I'm really hoping for good weather, as it will be pretty damn cold at 8 AM from the top of that building if it's raining or foggy.