5D Mark II Images and New Business Cards

I've been using the 5D Mark II over the last week and a half, and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed.  I've been shooting with Canon cameras for about 2 1/2 years now and I pined for months over a full-frame camera, determined that portraiture was what I wanted to focus on.  

Now that I have both feet in the full frame pond, I've been desperate to get out and take as many images as possible.  The weather hasn't been that co-operative lately and the sunset is happening at about 6:45.  It's tough.  So, blue hour then!  

For some reason, I'm very interested in taking photos of this building.  The glass is very reflective and its rounded corners add to the visual power.

I had the idea for this shot as I walked past on the opposite side of the street, but I needed a human element.  I waited until someone walked in front of the building, and I have about 40 shots all very similar to this one.  This has both balance and imbalance, and it is asymmetric in one sense, symmetric in another. 

What I find most remarkable about the full-frame sensor format is the sheer contrast between sharpness and bokeh.  The sharp areas are as sharp as real life, and the bokeh from this sensor is beautifully blurry, rounded and smooth. See below:

I happen to shoot HDR a lot too.  I try to use it when I really need to bring some dynamic range into a scene, but I try to limit the amount of processing to make sure the image looks real.  The image below was created with 3 exposures, just enough to add some crispness to the streetlamps and provide some glow inside the Hart & Thistle.

In other news, my business cards arrived!  I ordered from moo.com, and specified five different backs to showcase my work in portraiture.  I also put the photo "Strawberry Splash" on one of the cards just because it looks so perfect for the application.

These will be handy to give out at meetings, conventions, or even out in public when someone asks about my camera.  A very convenient by-product of shooting landscape format for web is that I have many images to use for business cards!