Black and White Film Results

The following images are the results of my first attempt at black and white film photography.  I used Ilford XP2 Super 400 film, 35mm C41.  The shots were more contrasty than I thought they'd be, but I think that's due to using modern lenses made for digital sensors.   As before, when I shot the colour film, each photo took a bit more thought than my usual 'run and gun' digital technique.  I feel that this thought process has really opened up my eye for composition, and I plan on continuing to shoot film whenever I get the chance.  

I found myself composing for lines, contrast and shapes very often.

Details matter.

This has a hazy effect since it was taken through a window.  It really adds to the old-time effect!

A visitor on a cruise ship takes in the last few frames before the boat departs for a different port.  

One of the first moments I captured with this film.  I knew right off the bat that I would really like the street photography results from this format!

I think this is my favourite image of the set.  This was a totally spontaneous move on my part, I actually asked permission for the photograph. They graciously accepted.  

Please, feel free to add your comments.  Thanks for looking! Cheers!