Fall colours

Hemlock Ravine with Model Lindsay Mackenzie

Last weekend was an opportunity for me to work with Lindsay MacKenzie (heed the warnings, there are some NSFW images on her site), a model living in Halifax.  This will be a short Monday post, as I've got several others to write for the week.  It's been a crazy weekend!!

I basically wanted to get some nice fall-colour shots, and we headed out to Hemlock Ravine Park.  With so many trails and places to explore, it was a lot of fun exploring around working with locations.

I used mostly natural light and a reflector throughout the shoot, but occasionally I'd use the Ezybox Hotshoe softbox to  provide some fill.  The last two images were made this way, also using a 1/2 CTO gel on the flash to add warmth.  

I added a bit of colour toning in this via Color Efex Pro 4.  While adding some warmth to the leaves, I also gave some bloom to Lindsay's skin.  
I'm really happy I got some images like this.  Lindsay's got a great smile!
I have to include at least one B+W processed image!  I actually really like this one too, it helps to give a different vantage point to the shoot. 
Sometimes a breeze kicks up and you get a magical moment.  This is one of my absolute favourites from this shoot!

Cheers!  I've got loads more coming down the pipe this week!