Halifax Nocturne 2012 Photos

Saturday was the Scott Kelby Wordwide Photowalk! In Halifax, the date actually coincided with Nocturne, so our group leader, Terry Crowell got everyone out doing some night photography!  With all kinds of artwork and performances about, there was lots to photograph, but light was hard to come by.  The following is a small series of the shots I got from the event.  Enjoy!

Note: If you click on any one image, a click-through slideshow will load!

A family enjoys the giant spiderweb set up in Victoria Park.  The web was very accurately constructed and intended only for one night.  

Detail shot of the Victoria Park web.  The nylon strands used to construct the web were sprayed with a sticky gel substance.  A leaf is caught in the web.

The event "Move" was a showcase of some of the talent from Halifax Circus, including some fire breathers,

...and also circus performances.  

From a photography perspective, the indoor images were incredibly challenging to make.  ISO3200 was not really enough, but I didn't want to push any higher and lose sharpness, and flash was out of the question in a quiet environment.

Serpentine Studios put on a show for people on Barrington Street, dancing as silhouettes in the windows of their studio.

The Robot Art show at Argyle Fine Art was awesome, showcasing some very cool and original sculptures made with common metal objects.  

The bunnies...WILL GET YOU....

Pier 21 had some very cool highlighting for nocturne but I never did get inside to see what was happening.

Now the tough part: I have to select one of these images to upload for the photowalk contest.  I would love to submit more than one, but those are the rules.  What do you think I should submit?

Thanks for reading, Cheers!