Wednesday 500px Showcase

I've been pretty quiet on 500px so far this week, after having only a few images to upload from Nocturne.  I have, however, spotted some very cool works in the short time I looked.

My theme this week is Dynamic Landscape, a term I just made up.   What I mean by "dynamic" is a sense of movement within the photo, or an otherwise normal landscape shot that contains a fleeting moment, like fireworks for example.

Each of the images below are photos I've found on 500px.  Please click the image to enjoy a full size view as the photographer intended.  If you're so inclined, click on the photographer's name to see more of their work.

First up is James McGregor's "Banff National Park",  a really superb landscape shot that I happened upon shortly before writing this blogpost.  The dynamic element in this shot is a train that seems to be almost flowing by in the frame.  The colour of the train absolutely sells it for me.  The stark red streak just jumps off the background!

Star trails are something I've never tried, although I haven't ever done an exposure of more than a minute or so.  This shot, with the flowing brook and moving stars has so much cool factor I can't even explain.  Complimentary purple and yellow colours add to the pull for me.

A quick google translate of the following image's title reveals "Star light trajectories 琉璃 Fri Longshan".   Seems like an appropriate name! The photo has a great colour palate and fantastic landscape elements, two things that really draw me into the shot.  The star trails add a very cool drama that an otherwise 'normal' landscape wouldn't have.  My one comment on this shot, however, is that it would be a much stronger composition with a little less foreground, and the horizon line a bit closer to the bottom third of the frame.

Today's final entry: Lightning!  I always look at a shot of lightning and think to myself "Did the photographer plan that, or was it a really great coincidence?"  If the photographer's anything like me, it was a happy accident (but I'll certainly say that I intended it, you have to keep people guessing).  If this shot was planned, it was done so very well.   An otherwise 'normal' shot, this photo has a couple of really cool elements like frame-within-a-frame (the doorway) and leading lines, but it's just a street.  Add the lightning and something changes.  The photo levels up to something that not everyone has in their portfolio.    

Thanks for reading!  Please share your comments with the photographers on their  500px sites!