In the studio with Sarah

I booked some time in Aperture Studios, hoping to get some members of the Sackville photography club out to learn a few external flash techniques.  I got a fairly small turnout, so I invited Sarah out to do some portraits!

This gave me a chance to do something I haven't done in a while, and only a few times ever: Use studio lights.  I think I need some more practice.  The lighter shots were done using a beauty dish and reflector, with a strobe firing into the backdrop to blow it out (it was filthy!!)   After getting what I wanted with a white backdrop, I changed the modifiers to more directional sources: A gridded beauty dish overhead and a gridded softbox off camera right.

Here's where I fell on my face: The directional quality of light killed me.  I really didn't fill sarah's eyes the way I should have, and in hindsight, a larger softbox or a lower beauty dish position would have sealed the deal.  

Luckily though, the moody dark lighting allowed for some really nice black and white conversions like the image above.

I really hope I can get a chance to use some more studio lights!  with practice, I can see it being of great benefit to my skillset as a photographer.