Sarah Jean in Point Pleasant

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a Black and White weekend and that trend was evident in some portraiture work I did.  In addition to a fun field trip to Hatfield Farms, I wanted to do something on my Sunday so I posted on Facebook looking to find someone to take photos of.  Sarah Jean, whom I'd worked with at Aperture Studios, sent me a message, and we were good to go.   I was looking to get some nice outdoorsy shots, so we met up at Point Pleasant park in Halifax.   

I had a pretty clear day to work with, sun rather low in the sky (as it tends to be at this time of the year), so my ambient light was going to be harsh and dramatic.  I countered it with soft boxes and/or shade, as well as adding to it as seen below:

I had Sarah sit on a set of stairs surrounded by a ledge.  I let the sun be a back-light while I filled in the front with an Ezybox hotshoe flash softbox, off camera right.  It took a bit to balance the image to look like it was natural light, but the result was worth it.

We got to do lots of walking on this particular excursion, wandering through all the trails and down on the shore of the park. I've scouted this particular location before, and it works great for photos like this one:

I really like the wide angle look here, but I'm concerned that too much attention is drawn away from Sarah, and not at her.    The rough textures and brilliant graffiti really pulled the eye in colour, but black and white processing helps make her stand out.
We found the Cambridge Battery, another great photo locale in PP, and once again I was faced with tons of really harsh light.  Instead of fighting it, I tried to use it and complement it with a beauty dish light.

I can't decide which shot I like best quite frankly.  I definitely like the amount of texture present in the black and white shot below, but there's a desaturated quality of light in the colour version.

We started heading back, stopping at the Prince of Whales tower to use some of the rustic brickwork and a great balcony.

I processed the above shot in black and white, and in colour.  I found that the black and white shot drew my eyes right to Sarah's, where the colour processing gave me way too much other stuff to look at.

Overall, for a spontaneous shoot I'm very pleased with the outcome.  Cheers!