SPC at Hatfield Farms

It was a black and white weekend.  I don't know what caused it, but as I started shooting on the Sackville Photography Club's (SPC) field trip to Hatfield Farm, I wanted to study the texture, details and contrasts, but not so much the colours.  

We arrived at the farm as a group, about 20 members of the SPC.  The whole event is visiting the farm, the ride in and the old village that's set up, accessible by a wagon ride.  We were given carte-blanche to photograph anything we wanted.  The wagon ride in wasn't super exciting but it gave us a nice overview of the place.  In order to get back, you could ride the wagon or simply walk.  There were only a few of us who walked back, but it was worth it.  

Gems like the shot above and below were found on the walk back to the farm.  Under no real pressure, Jim and I took our time, getting some really nice stuff that the SPC members who rode back on the wagon may have missed.  

I was almost ready to head home when I spotted some old farmyard equipment like this tractor, sitting next to the parking lot.  I had to get a photo, with the equipment being this backlit and rustic.

Of course, I needed a 'human touch', so Jim hopped on the tractor for a minute.

Of course, what farm visit would be complete without horses?  I snapped a  few 'nice' horse photos, but I was really partial to this moment, when Jim made a friend:

Cheers, More coming later in the week!