Sunset with Sheena

It's almost impossible for me to get anything done immediately after work when setting up an outdoor portrait session.  The only thing I would be able to do, leaving work at 4:30, would be a sunset photo, or shots after dark.  I'm not opposed to these ideas and upon writing these words, I've just set myself a challenge for a future session.

For this shoot, I worked through my lunch hour and left early to get some photos with Sheena, a model I've been trying to line up a shoot with for a couple of months now.  We arrived on location at Point Pleasant Park, (western entrance) and started working with some incredible light.  

The Beautiful Sheena, doing a hair toss

The Golden hour starts at about 3:45 now apparently, but it's still gorgeous.  

I took some shots and dialed in my settings with the 5D Mark II, then switch up to the film camera to see what I could capture.  Out of 5 shots, I got two that I liked:

I generally go into shoots looking for some specific shots, but sometimes I either get them early or run out of things to do. Since this is a problem, I'm going to keep working on building contingency plans!  Sheena came up with a suggestion of jumping.  Sure, cool!

Lighting was pretty simple for this shoot: where I felt I needed some extra fill, I put a reflector up to bounce some of the radiant and beautiful sunlight back into Sheena.  After the sun went down I put up my Ezybox and continued shooting with a full CTO gel over the flash.    The only trouble is that I needed to drag the shutter. It was fairly hit-or-miss, but the below shot uses 1/20s shutter speed.

I had a blast and really enjoyed this shoot.  I will unfortunately have to do a lot more on the weekends, but hey, I just got myself a great deal on Kelbytraining videos, so I'm going to spend my evenings learning more about photography and practice on the weekends.