Wrapping up 2012

It's almost the end of the year.  Since I'm taking a break from work, I think I'll also take a break from blogging to focus on family and potential photoshoots.  Look to the new year for some more posts!

In the last 12 months, I undertook a number of large personal challenges, not just with photography, but in life.  Summarizing a bit:

Last November (2011) I began a 365 day project, and wrapped it up the following November.  I didn't actually get a photo every day, and wound up with a total of about 290 images.  In my defense, I had a few distractions.

I graduated from the University of New Brunswick with an Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering.  This accomplishment was something that I hadn't really considered a possibility several years prior.  I spent a  long time debating my return to university and I wasn't fully confident that I could get through, but I had a load of great encouragement from my wife Jess and my family.

I moved out of New Brunswick to get a job.  This was a positive development, though at first it was painful. The move itself was more stressful than almost anything I had faced, although I had a great group of people to help.  After we had been in Halifax for a few weeks I bought a couple Picaroons at the NSLC and upon tasting it, was reminded of a lot of really great memories.  It made me realize how much I missed my family and friends back home.  The job itself has me working on some interesting projects with lots of room to grow, and I'm now supporting Jess while she goes to art school.  It's still somewhat surreal, but we're actually doing what we set out to do.

Our new home: Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, taken from the MacDonald Bridge facing south.  
I've had photos published not only in the Brunswickan (UNB's newspaper) but also on the cover of the magazine Digital Photo UK, a magazine focusing on photographic techniques and ideas.  It was an absolute honor to have that kind of publicity, although it didn't really get me a lot of attention outside of my circle of friends.  After moving to Halifax, I joined up with two clubs, the Halifax Photo Society as well as the Sackville Photo club.  I've had numerous excursions with both clubs and they've helped me immensely.
That's my Strawberry on the cover!  I was so ecstatic to learn I was going to be published internationally!  

The question all of this boils down to is: Am I happy with how everything in my life has turned out so far?  I would say I'm very happy with my progress as a photographer in 2012.  I think my engineering career is off to a great start.  Jess is happy at school, and I'm incredibly proud of her making a huge life-choice to leave work and return to study.  I miss my family and friends back in New Brunswick, but I'll get to see some people over the holidays.  Financially speaking I want to be in a better place but that comes with deliberation and time.  I do want music to play a more active role in my life but it feels empty to me right now; when I pick up the guitar to play I don't get the same energy I always used to.

For 2013, I plan to move my photography more into business mode.  I have pared down my portfolio to showcase only my portraiture and fashion work.  I want to do more of these shoots, so I want people to look at my previous work and know that it's what I do without question.  This doesn't mean that I won't shoot sports, automotive or landscape any longer, I'm just not going to put it in my portfolio.   Here are my goals:

  1. Create at least 12 images over the next year that are good enough to put in my portfolio. 
  2. Get some paying portrait and fashion work and break into the industry.
  3. Undertake and complete a major creative project (I'm missing the 365 project now) with the end goal of producing a photo book.
  4. Do a model/fashion shoot in a foreign country.
  5. Get published in at least TWO magazines (gotta be better than last year, right?)
  6. Generate enough business to warrant an annual studio membership at a local studio.
  7. Improve, improve, improve.  Make strides with my photographic technique, business skills, and creativity.
  8. have as much fun as possible with photography.

Here's a comparison of 2012's first photoshoot to the year's final shoot (although I may have one or two more left!)

Frankly, if I can make this kind of progress again in 2013, I'll be pretty happy.

Cheers, and Happy New year!