500px Showcase: Richard Pardon

Because I can't really say it any better than this, here's some information right from the horse's mouth:

"Richard Pardon is a young, exciting and dynamic photographer who is fast earning a great reputation for himself within the photographic world. At just 23 Richard has been asked by worldwide photographic manufacturers to display his work to represent their products thanks to his creative ideas and exceptional execution."

If you like cars, or if you're into automotive photography you should go look at UK-Based photographer Richard Pardon's work.  In fact, you should just go look at Richard's work because you'll be wowed.

Have a look inside the Caterham F1 "garage" for instance.  Not what you'd expect of an automotive team's hideout; they look like they should be wearing lab coats!

Caterham F1 Team Factory by Richard Pardon (richardpardon)) on 500px.com

Then there's this take on the Aston Martin Evanta DB4, a now priceless car.  I love the lines and detail in this shot, and it makes a fantastic case for cars as artwork.

Evanta DB4 Zagato by Richard Pardon (richardpardon)) on 500px.com

Only one more car shot, I promise.  Richard's mood, lighting and composition really make an impact.  One of the biggest things I'm finding with these shots is his sense of symmetry.  This, combined with a centered composition really give impact to the shots.

The Aston Martin James Bond should of had? by Richard Pardon (richardpardon)) on 500px.com

Finally, I want to showcase the "I Am..." series of portraits that Richard's been doing.  Each of the photos in this series features a person or persons who are photographed at their day job, whether they're a baker, beekeeper or Olympic table tennis competitors.

"I Am..." A Baker by Richard Pardon (richardpardon)) on 500px.com
In addition to a 500px page, Richard also runs a website and a blog which you should see.  His website contains his portfolio (Editorial, Places, Commercial and Automotive) and a bit more information about him.  In his blog, you'll find some awesome anecdotes and more fantastic photography.  Go have a look and get inspired!