Big Shoot January 2013

875.  That's how many photos I took at the Big Shoot over the weekend.  I didn't do this lightly, I knew what I was getting into.  I worked with __ models, in as many locations and outfits, and it was an afternoon-long event.  875 photos almost seems light, considering I would normally do an hour to two hours with a single model and produce over 200-300 images.   The photographers had a fantastic time at the farm with horses, snow and some awesome models and makeup artists.  

Click on any of the images to bring up a slideshow.  This is one of the best ways to view my photos!

The farm we travelled to is in Upper Stewiacke, well outside of normal travel for most of the people involved in the shoot.  We actually drove several miles in on snow covered dirt or chip-sealed roads to get to the destination, but aside from one or two cars getting stuck, it was a fairly pleasant drive.

With such a bright even lighting throughout the day I was able to try a few different exposure techniques.

The day went incredibly well, and lighting was exceptional: overcast with some light punchiness gave a really glowing effect on the models. A reflector was all that was really needed for a day like this.

Model: Lindsay MacKenzie, getting some attention from Echo the horse

...and this is what followed after Echo put his nose down the front of Lindsay's shirt. 

Model Lexi Hirtle sporting a pea-coat and bowler,  lit from the side by a small reflector.  

So, even with such great light, I cheated a bit and used a softbox to light this shot.  Chloe was posing on the snow covered road, and though I had hoped for some deep blue sky, I wasn't going to get it.  Instead, I  tried to add drama with a softbox off camera right and above.

I think it worked.  We tried a variety of poses but this one really stood out as a powerful and flattering look.

Model Jessica Pick, wearing almost exactly the same thing that she wore when I worked with her in a previous shoot.  I'm not complaining, she rocks it!

Model Cheryl MacAuley with makeup by Erynn 'Ern' Nguyen

Erynn 'Ern' Nguyen approached me to do this shot, she did both the modelling and the makeup to help create this special piece.  After putting this on 500px, it's received the highest number of views, likes and favourites and has become my most popular image to date.  Awesome way to start 2013!

I didn't really get to work much with Tasha MacDonald, but I have plans to do some more shooting with her in the future.  

Jessica Rose Shields, (also pictured in the opening shot) rolling in the hay.  One of my personal favourites from the day.

What a great way to kick off 2013!  I have a large scale project in the works!