Wet and Fun Weekend

I had never shot a swim meet before this weekend, and in all honesty, I had a lot of fun.  I was asked to help out the Brunswickan since they couldn't send a photographer to the Dalplex in Halifax for the AUS Invitational swim meet.

I have to say, I had a terrible time trying to find information about the day, and it didn't seem all that well publicized.  In fairness, the pool area is pretty small and there's not a lot of room to seat a crowd beyond the teams themselves and family and friends.  Once I determined that the events started at noon on Saturday, I just showed up and hoped for the best.

The only thing that could have been a little better is the lighting.  As usual, the sports facilities allow for the competitors to see what they're doing, and that's it.  If you're a photographer, think ISO3200+ and f2.8.  I don't know how my shots would have looked without the F2.8 lenses I have, but I think they may have been a lot blurrier.

It turns out that being a nice person and asking for permission gets you a long way. The complex consists of one large pool with a bulkhead in the middle to allow for competition and free swims to be held simultaneously.  The sign that said "Do not walk on the Bulkhead" was going to be a detriment, but after talking with the officials and asking really nicely, they let me get up and get some approaching swimmer shots like you see above.  UNB's results over the weekend were good, with the women's swimming placing first in a couple events.

In addition to the swimmers, UNB had also sent down the men's volleball team for an "interlock" tournament.  Hey, I don't really know what interlock means, but I found out when the games were easily enough and got to go to a couple. 

Know what? I still think that volleyball is the most challenging sport for me to photograph.  I've never really played any amount of it and the action is so fast it's mind boggling.  David Grandy said it best during a talk he gave at the Halifax Photo Society (and I'm paraphrasing here, I'll take notes next time, I promise): "You've got six experienced players on one side of the net trying to do their best to fake out six other experienced players on the other side.  How the hell is a poor hopeless photographer supposed to figure out where the ball will go?"

In the three games that the VReds played over the weekend, they won two and lost one, beating Montreal and Sherbrooke and falling to Laval.