Victorian Fashion with Tasha MacDonald

Without going into too much detail, here's something Tasha MacDonald and I have been working toward for the last month or so:  A Victorian inspired fashion photo shoot.   It came about after I noticed some of the photographer's photos from The Big Shoot in which Tasha was wearing furs, a beautiful top and a really nice dress.  I had missed the opportunity to work with her in that outfit so I contacted her and we set up a shoot.  

Locale: Historic Properties on the Halifax Waterfront.  I like the mix of modern and old-fashioned in the backdrop, it worked perfectly for this shoot.  

The indoor photos were almost a bonus, since the plan was to work outside from the start.  We gave it our best, but given the 50km/h winds and ice cold temperatures, we could only take so much.  I have a great admiration for Tasha and Matt, both of whom stood fairly still while I set up lights, moved about and took photos.  
Some lighting info: This was taken at mid-day.  The 'sunlight' is actually a bare bulb flash, gelled warm to look like the  golden hour sun.  

Probably the toughest location was in front of the brick house in Point Pleasant.  There, the winds weren't being filtered by the trees, making it just miserable to shoot.  I got a few photos that I'm quite pleased with, but hopefully next time it won't be so unbearable. 
The black and white treatment seems to work best on these shots.  I like the brick textures, but the  emphasis is still on Tasha. 

For this shoot, Tasha did her own makeup, and her hair was done by Felicia Carson.

I'm getting very excited to start the first photo of a new project on Friday.  The shoot was going to take place on Saturday but a very nasty storm forced us to cancel and reschedule.  Stay tuned, I've got more coming down the pipe!