500px update: Editor's Choice!

Last week, one of my photos on 500px was selected to join the Editor's Choice page!  This is a first time honor for me, and I was overjoyed.  This is the photo:

Waiting by Tim Lingley (timlingley)) on 500px.com

Since being selected, the photo has (at the time of writing) been viewed over 2500 times, tweeted, liked, favorite-ed and commented on extensively.  I am truly humbled to be featured on the Editor's Choice page, and I'm glad to get this photo some recognition, as it's one of the first few photos I've ever taken with Kodak Portra Film.  I certainly don't think that the film is the reason the photo has done so well, but I do think that it adds a warm appeal to the photo.  

Here are some featured works that are on the Editor's Choice list (you'll have to click the photo or the link to view the full size versions of these photos):

Kickin' Up Dirt by Scott Kelby (skelby)) on 500px.com
Kickin' Up Dirt by Scott Kelby

As usual, Scott Kelby is delivering in style.  This photo is a testament to great timing, featuring dynamic lines, frozen action and the adage that if you want cool pictures, point your camera at cool stuff.  "You wanna know what a cool dirt bike shot should look like?  Go search 'Dirt bike' on 500px."  He's never actually said this, but I can hear Scott telling someone to go do this on one of his Blind Critiques over on The Grid.  

Blue Reine by Felix Röser (Froto)) on 500px.com
500px is a showcase for brilliant landscape work, as anyone who has visited the "Popular" section of the website will know.  Felix Röser delivers a wonderful image of Reine, in the Lofoten Islands of Norway.  I wish there was more in the foreground to add to the depth of the shot, but the composition and colours keep me very interested.  

Ange Gardien by Manuel Barca (manuelbarca)) on 500px.com
I love this concept.  I'm not sure how much is posed, and how much is photoshopped, but I don't really care.  I even like the slightly tilted horizon line, as it presents me with a degree of uncertainty echoed in the model's expression.  In fact, you could probably argue that the weight of the wings tilt the image in some way.  Add to that the dark shadows on the right side of the frame and now you're talking about some seriously deep symbolism.  The framing and organization of the elements in this frame speak volumes for the photographer's commitment to excellence.  

Anna by John Edgar (john)) on 500px.com

Those eyes.  They lock in and have you.  The hair blowing around is telling me that the car is moving, and the window is down.  The sun streaming through tells me even more about that day, it must have been warm.  John Edgar says in his description that they were heading up to the cabin.  If this picture represents the trip, I can imagine it was a fantastic experience.  Sometimes the simple shots are the most effective. 

Out Of Sight by Ivor Sheehan (IvorTheEngine)) on 500px.com

Unlike John's shot above, Ivor Sheehan's Out Of Sight required a very extraordinary location.  I've heard someone say that when you see something that makes you say "Cool!" then you should be taking a picture.  I absolutely love the geometry, leading lines and framing of this shot.  The subtle black and white treatment of this shot helps to showcase the contrast and textures, and really keeps your eye focused on the man in the suit.  This whole shot is out of sight, a simply awesome work.  

Go check out these photos and the rest of the photographer's works!  In addition, go to 500px's Editor's Choice page.  You won't be disappointed!  Cheers!