Beautiful Nova Scotia Waterfalls

When Darrel Nicks offered to take some people from the Sackville Photo Club to see waterfalls on Sunday  I jumped at the opportunity.  We would be going to beautiful Windsor NS, about an hour northwest of Halifax.  

Upon arriving, at the small logging road I noticed some signs that said "No Trespassing".  Darrel assured us that he had spoken with the private property owners and we were perfectly free to take some pictures.  Ettinger Falls was the ultimate destination, and the hike was well worth it.

Eddinger falls, Nova Scotia
The view upstream looked promising, though the log was kinda blocking my shot.  I decided to use it.

Photo of Eddinger falls, Windsor, Nova Scotia
The view from the lower pool.  The snow and ice added a very cool effect to the scene!

Close shot of Eddinger Falls, Windsor, Nova Scotia
Got a bit closer for effect.
The snowfall from the night and early morning added a really nice effect that turned an otherwise drab scene into a beautiful winter-scape.  There's a good reason to take landscape shots in Canada...we really get all the seasons here!!

We spent about an hour or so working in and around the Eddinger falls and then hit the road for Blomidon. By the time we got there, it was late morning and the sun was beginning to really cut through the trees and over-light the scene.  This makes it difficult to do long exposures, since having a slower shutter speed relies on a low-light situation  (A Neutral density filter would help with this, I'll be sure to have one for next time).

Here was the problem for me at Blomidon: there were several trees that had fallen down and were blocking the view.  I did take a few shots, but they were mostly unusable, and not very interesting.

I picked up my 85mm lens and dialed it in for some shots at 1/1000th of a second or faster.  I really only took one of these that I liked, and they pretty much all look the same.  However, there's a real drama to the way the water splashes about, and I really like how crisp it appears in the photo.
From really slow silky water to high speed shots.
I snapped this shot as we emerged from the trail.  The sunlight felt good, and with the water running in the brooks, it's really starting to feel like spring!

Blomidon, Nova Scotia
The beautiful day we had in Blomidon, NS.