Lunch Hour Street Photos

Lately with the warmer weather approaching, I've been chowing down early while working and grabbing my camera to walk around downtown during my lunch break.  It helps me relax and let my mind recharge all while getting some good exercise in.  

I've also been getting very interested in Henri Cartier-Bresson's photography and I've been trying to look for patterns of greys, whites and blacks in a scene, as well as lines and contrast. I'd very much like to start incorporating these types of patterns not only into my street photos, but also into my portraits.

My 50mm is pretty much glued onto my camera at this point, and it's a brilliant focal length to use for street.  I feel like it's very similar to my own field of view, and if I'm not close enough, I actually have to use my feet to get closer, rather than a zoom ring.    

I do keep some of the stuff I shoot in colour, but the vast majority is in black and white.  Lately, by default I've been shooting in black and white first, then using the raw file to decide if I like the colour shot better later.  I think I'm getting more familiar with how to choose whether a photo works better coloured or not, and I'm trying not to fall into the trap of showing both.  

Chairs outside of Cabin Coffee.  I've tried a few times to find the right angle to showcase these chairs, but never really succeeded.  

For some reason, this empty collar really resonated with me.  When I saw it, many visions of where it may have come from, where its original owner wound up, and what would lead someone to throw it out.

I'm still gathering up courage to take photos of people, but I'm also looking for symmetry and lines.  Every once in a while I'll find something that has some geometric impact.

An awesome benefit of doing these walks is that I can meet up with some other photographers working in the downtown area.  It's always refreshing to watch other photographers work and see how they choose their framing and perspectives on the same subject I'm shooting.  Two guys I meet with regularly are Glenn and Jim, both of whom I've met through other walks or at the Sackville Photo Club.  Earlier this week I met Chris for the first time, and we had a lot of fun finding some cool stuff to shoot.

Construction workers are also a great subject to photograph, as they're usually pretty absorbed in their jobs.  This photo worked alright as a colour photo, but the workers absolutely jumped out when I converted this shot to black and white.  This was also cropped in a bit, which I really shouldn't do.

Details, details, details.  I'm not sure why this image stood out to me, but a pattern broken is usually an intriguing event.  I especially like how the brick used to fill the gap doesn't match up with the others.

I will be doing some more portraits and fashion work over the month of March, and I will also be trying to convert some of my 120 film results to a digital format.  There will be big things coming!