More Film Results: Kodak Portra 160

This roll of film was a challenge to get through.  I knew that Kodak Portra itself is something special, so I was doing my best to make sure that I took photos of special things (In good light, the film is rated at ISO160!)  The roll was in my Canon Elan 7e camera for well over a month, so it contained a wide gamut of different subject matter.

That's a challenge I've faced many times with creative endeavors, especially when I used to draw.  A new, completely empty and clean piece of paper was daunting.  What if I put that first line down and it's in the wrong place?  What if I ruin the paper? 

What if I take a photo and it sucks? What if I don't make every frame on this film perfect?  

Know what? Pushing this boundary is addicting.  Feeling that rush when I push the shutter down is fantastic.  I don't know if the photo will turn out.  So what? I keep going.  I do try to make every frame count, but I'm loving every click. 

"The Conductor"
I still only get a few frames per roll that really work well.   Successes and failures are the source of the excitement in photography.

Click on any of the images to bring up the slideshow.  I'd love to hear your comments on the photos, and on any of my thoughts.


"On Break"

"Winter water falls"

"Jess in Studio"

"Everything in Pairs"


"Copious Cat by the window"