Quick (and cold!) Monday update

iPhone Sunrise by Tim Lingley (timlingley)) on 500px.com

It was a fantastic weekend, lots of sunshine and some very nice temperatures considering the time of year.  I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and get some morning photos of Halifax and the surrounding area. Saturday morning was fun, with Jess and I driving up (we weren't walking...too cold) to the top of the citadel to frame up a quick shot as seen above.  Jess did actually take the photo with her phone, too.  I think we'll do a couple more from the same vantage point in different (read: warmer) conditions.  

On Sunday morning I bundled up early, got out and hit the trail out to Peggy's Cove.  I parked the car and the clock rolled over to 6:00 AM, about an hour before sunrise.  After a bit of exploring, I found a working angle and snapped this shot over the next 59 seconds:

Peggy's Cove Pool by Tim Lingley (timlingley)) on 500px.com

Getting up early was worth it: not only did I snag some pics, I used a Roll-up-the-Rim to get a free coffee which won me another free coffee! 1:36 odds, not too shabby!  I'll publish a few more of the shots I got from Peggy's Cove later this week. There are so many awesome places to photograph in Nova Scotia and it's almost warm enough to start doing some exploring.

I'm planning to get out and do some more photos like this, except earlier in the morning, or later at night and with some star trails!  Meanwhile, there are some portrait and fashion shoots on the horizon which I'm very excited about, and they're keeping me busy!