Why Shoot Black and White?

I've been on the street shooting with my friend Ashley's TLR Mamiya C33.  It's downright awesome, and the Ilford Black and White film I was using (XP2 Super) makes for some really cool results. There's just one question...Why am I shooting without colour?  Aren't I missing something?

I'm not going to lie. I got into some Henri Cartier-Bresson photographs and I'm inspired by his work.  Not necessarily "Only use a 50mm on a Leica" type inspired, but "black and white tones and rhythm" inspired.  I'm not missing the colour aspect of photos, and I really like the thought of film grain, using lines, textures and contrast to draw the eye without the distraction of bright colours.  It works for me.

The following images were taken over the course of a few days, and I used my phone as a light meter.  Some of these shots are my favourite ones to date! 

Click on the first image below to bring up a slideshow.  If you're using a device with a Retina screen, I envy you.