Game of Thrones Self Portrait

The new season of the HBO series Game of Thrones has started up, and with it a series of character posters were released.  Seeing as I haven't done a self portrait in a while, I decided to "Fire and Ice" myself with the tutorial found on the 500px blog here.

The one thing that I probably should have done is get my face nice and dirty, but for the most part, I'm fairly happy with the results.  
I become one of the "Doomed" characters...

Here's the original portrait, in which I simply tried to look menacing or tough.  I think I need some more light in the eyes, but that's what photoshop is for, right?

Here's a black and white version as well, as processed with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. 

If you'd like to do one of these, they're dead simple.  The longest part for me was putting a beauty dish and light on a stand!  After that, I took about 6 shots, and chose the best one.  The backdrop for these photos was a black bed sheet that I bought about a year ago for just this purpose, and it works wonders.

Go check out the tutorial and give it a shot!  Try to look your meanest too, it's a tough life in George R. R. Martin's world of Ice and Fire.