Low light, Long exposure

Hayes Garden Long Exposure by Tim Lingley (timlingley)) on 500px.com

Early yesterday morning I managed to save an otherwise bust photo shoot out in a small, rocky coastline area of Nova Scotia called Hayes Garden.  Some members from the Sackville photo club were going to meet up in the parking area and get some photos of a beautiful sunrise, but overcast skies and chance of rain and drizzle made for a very poor turnout.  In fact, I was the only poor sucker who went!

Not that I minded, because as you may recall from a previous post, I discovered a very calming effect of shooting very early morning photos.  The long exposure images look calming and serene, but I think that in part is due to the entire process.  Solitude is sometimes a good thing, and though I woke up at a very stupid hour of the day, it was as if everything belonged to me.  The roads were clear, the Tim Horton's Drive Thru was empty, the landscape was barren of onlookers and spectators.  It's a very special feeling.  It's quiet enough to think.  

Also, if you dare to embark on a sleepy-eyed and slightly dopey venture onto a treacherous beach before there's any light in the sky, do  yourself a massive favour.  Bring a flashlight.  It saved my butt (and my ankle!).