Serenity Fashion Line from Designer Janelle Brown

I made contact with Janelle Brown in hopes to shoot her fashion line back in September.  Time constraints and a big thing called winter kept us from shooting until now. 

For this photo shoot I wasn't sure what to expect about the location.  I had a suspicion about some of the places I wanted to shoot around NSCAD, but how well they would translate into an effective photo was up in the air.  The other challenge with the locations was power.  I needed to ensure that I could get the SPC's studio lights up and running for this shoot, as I would need lots of power.

I wound up annoying a few of the fashion design students by shooting in their workspace.  I wasn't aware that the space would be occupied with young up and coming designers frantically trying to complete their lines for the weekend's fashion show, but there you have it.  Sometimes we photographers are seemingly hellbent on annoying everyone and anyone who doesn't like flashing lights.

We moved outside to a small courtyard area after I got the shot above and spent the rest of the time working different locations, and alternating the lovely Meghan Hale and Alexandra Mclaughlan to keep them intermittently warm.  My favorite part about this shoot is that there's still two more pieces to photograph!  In the meantime, I've got some photos coming down the pipe from the "Big Shoot" on the boardwalk and a bit of landscapey work that happened...this morning. At 4:30am.  For now, here's the rest of the photos.  

Click on one and enjoy a fullscreen slideshow!



Models (In order of appearance): Alexandra Mclaughlan, Meghan Hale
Clothing: Janelle Brown "Serenity" line
Make up: Jamiraa Berry
Hair: Jessica Lynn Wiebe