Making the best of a No-Show Sunrise

The Sackville Photo Club had organized a trip to Hayes Garden for a sunrise photo several weeks ago.  The trip was a bust for a sunrise, but the resulting photo turned out okay.  I had to do my best to make a non-ideal situation into something worth processing in Aperture. 

So when the field trip coordinator set up a trip to Rainbow Haven, another local beach for a sunrise, we were off again on another adventure!  This time we'd get the sunrise shot for sure!

Guess what?  There wasn't any sun.  In fact, initially you couldn't see much further than 200 feet in front of your face due to the early morning fog.  Once again, we had to do our best to get some worthwhile images from a poorly lit and very sandy beach.   I took some more long exposure shots and a few portraits while I was there.  Then I went home and took a nap.  Here are my results from the rainbow Haven Field trip: