My Challenge with Noontime Street Photos

Overcast days are starting to become a good thing for me.  Doing my mid-day photo walks can be a challenge in direct sunlight, and at noon, there's only sparse areas of shade.  Otherwise I'm fighting with  incredibly harsh shadows and just overall poor light.

As I get out and work at shooting more and more, I keep getting frames.  I haven't been posting to this blog quite as often as I'd like, but I'm trying to make the posts count.  I want to show something new, and something that I really like.  

What I find interesting is the response I get with street photos.  Generally, only my photographer friends seem to get it, while my portraits and landscapes get recognition from lots of my "regular" friends (I think people in general like landscapes).

I still don't feel like my photos have the dynamic required for good street work though.  I don't feel like they're quite "In your face" enough.  They're obvious, they look almost clinical.  I guess I could blame my environment, my gear, or the subjects, but ultimately it's up to me to make the photos interesting.

Maybe I'll just shoot at night time like this shot.  

But interesting photos sometimes require interesting light.  Or interesting framing, or interesting subjects.  The best photos seem to combine all of those things.   So on my noon-hour photowalks, I'll keep hoping for overcast days.  Or, maybe I'll start hunting for shafts of light and shade.