NSCAD Fashion, Part II

Janelle Brown and I got some time to finish up what we started.  Last week we completed the series of photos for her fashion line up, and I'm pretty happy with the results!  

Again, we were joined by make up artist Jamiraa Berry and hairstylist Jessica Lynn Wiebe, both of whom did a superb job in creating fantastic looks.  The models, Tasha MacDonald and Catherine Richardson were stellar.  We used the school for a setting, since it had a load of really great grungy textures in walls and floors.  I'm not saying that NSCAD is grungy, but it was easy with lighting and post to make some of the spaces look that way.  

Click on the first image below to bring up a slideshow.

The final group, showcasing all four of Janelle's works (click for a larger image):