Oops, I broke my Tripod...And It's dusk.

When one of my friends from the Sackville Photo Club asked me if I wanted to join him downtown one chilly April evening for some night photography, I grabbed my tripod and hit the road.  It wasn't a clear night, but the blue hour was playing off the cloud cover and we had some wonderful tones in the sky.  

What I didn't expect, however was that when I went to put my camera on my tripod, the screw-on top had stripped, and the head wouldn't stay on the legs.  In my defense, this was an ancient tripod, something I'd been using to avoid having to shell out several hundred dollars for a new one.

The newly constructed Nova Scotia Power Inc. Building, in the foreground is the arbor on the waterfront.
It had to break before I could make even one shot too.

As a result I scrounged about for platforms that were sturdy enough to hold my camera, and used my lens caps and batteries to prop the lens upward.  It was a bit of a guerrilla exercise, trying to find interesting things to shoot while also getting an interesting vantage point without the flexibility that a tripod provides.  I also had to use mirror lock up and the short two-second timer to get the photos steady enough. 

Bicycle parked near the Garrison Brewery.  

In the end I wound up with some shots I'm very happy with.  It took time to set up each one either on a garbage can, on a bollard or even in the middle of the street!  I even managed to capture some light trails from passing vehicles.

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market.  The statue with the light trails around it is Samuel Cunard.