Test shoot with Chantal

Though it feels like I haven't been shooting much lately, I still have a few sets of images that I haven't blogged about!  This shoot with Chantal Giroux was a sort of meet and greet test shoot, but I had a couple ideas of what I wanted to do.  I was really hoping for two images: a diptych that had a full body shot and a close up, and a nice, evening light-backlit photo with a bit of flare.  

I think I got both of those images, and more.  Chantal was very energetic and creative, despite having just finished her first day back at work. I was doing my best to make use of the natural light throughout the shoot, and minimize all the equipment that so often winds up coming along with me.  I made use of the 85mm lens for most of this shoot, but then switched out for the 70-200 for a few shots.  

The diptych, a type of work that I'd like to do more of.  I processed this shot with Silver Efex Pro for that film-y look. 

I tried to use the pathway at Victoria park as a leading line/triangle in this shot.  Chantal's pose really helps to keep focus on her while the background elements melt away.

I wasn't sure when I took this if it would work, but the graphic elements of chantal and the gritty wall make it a very interesting shot.  I especially like the way it looks almost as though she's floating in the space.

Chantal's killer smile.  This is the over-the-top high-key shot I was hoping for.  That evening light was beautiful, and with the flowers in full bloom in Public Gardens, it made for a nice portrait location.
That's it for today, Cheers!