Bicycles: A Series

A funny thing happened one day when I stepped out of the office for a lunchtime walk.  I needed to check my camera settings and when everything was set up the way I thought I wanted it, I fired off a test shot at a bicycle.  The shot wasn't anything special, but I started to work it a bit more.    I quickly decided that for the lunch hour I would only shoot bicycles.  They could be standing still, moving, close-up shots or anything,  as long as the main focus had to do with a bicycle.

In the following few weeks I took to the streets with my camera, and shot quite a few photos of bicycles.  Another interesting part of this challenge was to process them all in the same manner.  I imported them to Apple Aperture, did my Raw processing then popped them into Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 and used my custom Bicycle preset to adjust the images in black and white.   My reasoning was that if I had shot this project on film, I would only have one type of film stock to work from, so by sticking to the same preset for every shot, I hope to have some consistency in the back end.

I looked for geometry, symmetry, layers of tones and depth in my photos.  I don't think I've quite finished up this project, but I will keep at it.  For now, here are the best six images I've taken so far in this series.






That's all for now, Cheers, thanks for reading!