Fashion/Portrait Session: Marsalie MacKenzie

Lawrencetown is a beautiful photo location, especially when you've got someone as stunning as Marsalie to work with.  

I had Jenn Gregory help me on this shoot, and she took a few photos of her own as well!  The light at the beach was a little bit flat and boring, but luckily I had a few light-shapers and flashes with me.  For the most part, we used natural light and a reflector, but for the walking shot you'll see below, I popped a flash up in the McNally Softbox to add a little direction to the light.  Not so much that it became overbearing, but just to help get Marsalie to really pop against the backdrop.

By the way, a photo of Marsalie can be found in British Vogue this month!  She modelled for Veronica MacIsaac with photographer Brent McCombs.  Go check it out!!

Cheers, more coming soon!