Medium Format Results Part 2: Ilford XP2 Super

I bought this roll of film specifically to shoot with Meghan Hale during our Black and White Downtown photo shoot (click the link for more info).  I wound up using about 2/3rds of the roll with meghan and had a few frames left to expose.  So I took a picture of the cat, then went to the park.

As with the previous post, I "scanned" these images into Aperture using a home-made light box and my Canon 5D Mark II.  The final files are about 5 Megapixels, but with a proper scanner I should be able to really get some really good results from this roll.  

Model: Meghan Hale, Assisted by Angie Burgess

Model: Meghan Hale, Assisted by Angie Burgess

Model: Meghan Hale, Assisted by Angie Burgess

My cat, Java.  I had already taken a photo of him with the 5D, but thought I should get a nice shot with the MF camera too.  

This is a double exposure shot that I took in the Public Gardens of Halifax.  I snapped the Rhododendron first, then walked around until I found a scene that would work.  What I didn't expect is how the flowers appear in the trees, but not so much in the ground.  

Sleepyhead:  I wasn't sure if I actually had this tuckered out toddler in focus when I snapped the shot, so I'm glad to see that it came out. 
For now, that's all I've got.  I'm hoping to have some more film coming very soon, and I'm planning to do some photoshoots next week while I'm on vacation.  I have a feeling I'll do some more street photo-walks.  I've been asked as well to do a review on my experiences with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.  Expect to see something soon about that, as I have a few things I like and dislike about the software.

Have a great, wonderful weekend, and if you're reading this from the Great White North, Happy Canada Day Weekend! Cheers!