Sunset shoot with Alysha

Alysha and I met up at Sandford Flemming park around 6:30 pm to do a photo shoot last Friday evening.  Talk about beautiful lighting. The weather was absolutely brilliant and we were going for a fun and girly type of shoot.  As soon as we had confirmed a time, I put an issue out on facebook asking for an assistant, and  Rachael Sherwood, a friend of mine from the Sackville Photo Club answered the call.

Honestly it was tough to get the right kind of attitude for this shoot right out of the box.  I had a vague idea in my head for what I wanted, but finding the location to fit and getting the right poses were both challenging endeavors.  I also need to work on my coaching a bit. However, We got some really great shots.

The first couple photos took were done in a pathway with a warm glowing back-light effect.  I didn't really do much to enhance this in post, it pretty much looks like this on the back of the camera.  

I also wanted to use the sun as a main light from the front, and we set up on the edge of the pathway that winds around the edge of the Halifax Arm.  

Rachael had spotted a woman walking her dog and noted that it was about the same colour as Alysha's top. We could totally run with this idea, and when the woman came by again, she graciously allowed Alysha to take the little guy on a short walk.  It turned out that Alysha and Lena (the dog's owner) were from the same area in Nova Scotia.  

I have a few photos from this series, but this was my absolute favourite. Alysha's expression and the way the dog is pulling her along just make the image work. 

We continued walking around the park, looking for really nice, simple clean backdrops with a great key lighting from the sun, getting ever lower in the sky and incredibly pretty.

As the glow became even more golden, we hiked up to the base of the Dingle Tower, and made use of the brick wall.  Alysha had just put her head back to relax for a second, and we worked with it for a few more shots.

Finally, after a quick break to get some more lighting supplies and water, we went down to the dock for a couple of artificially lit portraits.  I have a few of these that I really like, but I plan to do a special blog post to show how I lit and balanced them.

That's all for now, Cheers!