Fashion Shoot: Tinfoil and Plastic Wrap?

After a week's hiatus, I'm back to writing in my blog.  Not sure exactly what kept me from writing, other than the fact that I'm so far behind in my shoots.  I thought I'd be caught up by the weekend, but I did two more shoots so I'm frantically trying to get my work finished and uploaded for all to see.  

A while back I wrote about originality and creativity.  The shoot I took part in a few weeks ago was definitely creative, and certainly original.  Fashion designer Janelle Brown had come up with some pieces she wanted to shoot including shoes and hats, but it was the stuff in between that she was really innovative with.

Ellen, our model for the day was wrapped up in a foil emergency blanket and clear plastic wrap.  Needless to say, she was very reflective, so lighting would need to be big.  

Jamiraa Berry and Jessica Lynn Wiebe did fantastic work on makeup and hair, respectively, and my assistant for the day was Michelle Olsen.  Michelle is a wonderful photographer in her own right and it was awesome having her on the set to share ideas and offer help.  

I have more photos coming soon, but for now, enjoy these and feel free to leave a comment!

The crew!  Ellen in the front, Michelle on the left, Janelle on the right and me in behind with a silly expression and lots of balloons.  Absent is Jamiraa Berry and Jessica Lynn Wiebe.