Happy Birthday Canada! (Delayed due to weather)

Lots of people curse the cellphone revolution.  I know that I've been walking along, and had someone glance up from their cellphone at just the last minute to avoid walking into me.  I was glad I had my phone last night, because instead of the view you see above, I was positioned here, quite a bit further up the harbour:

Now this would be a pretty good vantage point to shoot the fireworks coming off the bridge!

While checking my facebook account to see where some of the Sackville Photography Club members had positioned themselves around the harbour, I was a little concerned.  Either they were in the wrong place or I was... Then someone on facebook actually said "They aren't firing from the bridge this year, there's a barge in the harbour!"

I really should have been paying more attention when I was on the ferry.  Oh well, thanks to Glenn Euloth, who saved not only my butt, but some of the other photographers' butts as well.  Good thing I was on facebook while I waited!

Here's the setup shot after running 500 yards or so down the shoreline:

Some people have told me this is the best part of Dartmouth.  At least it's a good vantage point for the show!

I think next time I'll figure out where the show starts before I go.  Perhaps next time, the fireworks will actually be on Canada Day, so I can post a more timely blog post!

Some technical details:
5D Mark II, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.  Manfrotto tripod with a ball head.  Fuel: Shwarma wrap from Mezza (previously Venus Pizza) followed by an Iced Cap.
Top firework shot: ISO100, 15s shutter, f/8, 30mm.
Bottom firework shot: ISO100, 6s shutter, f/5.6, 27mm.

Happy Canada Day!